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Dan Millican, Christy Wong and Baylee Ward talk all about aviation—from discussing air disasters and plane crashes, to latest flying techniques and training. All to help the listener be better pilots and better people.


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#56 Airventure Tips and WIN TICKETS

Dan @TakingOffDan and Christy @PilotChristy talk about EAA Airventure 2024 of what to see and what to do AND they have a pair of weeklong passes to...

#55 EAA Airventure Tips

From the archive, one of the very first episodes of In The Hangar, Christy hosts some OshKosh veterans about their best advice for attending EAA...

#54 Jump Debrief

Dan @TakingOffDan and Christy @PilotChristy sit down for a debrief of the much anticipated skydiving jump in honor of the 100,000 subscribers...

#53 Jump Preview

It’s T-Minus Two Days before the big jump.  Two years ago, Dan and Kerry ambushed Christy on camera at Airventure and Christy declared she would...

#52 Mike Patey and Cory Robin

Dan (@TakingoffDan) was heading out to do an exciting backcountry trip with aviation superstars Mike Patey (@MikePatey) and Cory Robin (@flycory)...

#51 Captain Upgrade

Christy has made the move from right seat, First Officer at Envoy to the left seat as Captain.  She talks about the struggles and joys of making the...

#50 Jimmy’s World

Jimmy, from Jimmy’s World chats with Dan and Christy about cars, planes and auctions.

#49 Is the FAA Out To Get Us?

Dan (@TakingOffDan) and Christy (@PilotChristy) talk with FAA Regional Administrator Rob Lowe about the FAA and how they work with pilots on issues...

#46 Flying Clubs with Bryan Turner

From the ARCHIVES Flying Clubs with Bryan Turner Are Flying Clubs a possible answer to the high cost of purchasing an airplane? How do Flying Clubs...

#45 Taking Off… Weight UPDATED

Updated Dan (@TakingOffDan) and Christy (@PilotChristy) talk about the struggles, victories and defeats in their battle with weight loss.  In flying...

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About the hosts

Dan Millican

Owner of a film/tv/video production company Serendipitous Films located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. When the drone craze hit the industry, Dan took advantage of the FAA’s 333 Exemption rule on commercial aerial work by getting his private pilot certificate and was hooked on aviation ever since. He has climbed the rating ladder and now holds his Certified Flight Instructor ticket. He purchased a Cessna 210 and uses it to carry crew and equipment to shoots all over the United States. In 2018, he created the YouTube channel “TakingOff” and like its name, it certainly has! The channel has experienced phenomenal growth and provides content that leaves the viewer a better person and pilot for watching.


Christy Wong

Christy Wong realized her lifelong dream of becoming an airline pilot at the age of 37. She is also a CFI/CFII/MEI and often does discovery flights to expose others to aviation. In addition to flying for the airlines and co-hosting “Taking Off”, Christy is also the president of her flying club. She also loves spending time with her family and friends and (surprise) going flying in her Piper Chorkee Wong Warrior when she can.